1-Minute Video Marketing Tip # 17 – Why Google Search is Becoming Irrelevant


1-Minute Video Marketing Tip # 17 – Why Google Search is Becoming Irrelevant
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For most of the last decade, getting on Page One of Google has been the holy grail of online marketing. But that’s changing. Social Search is steadily taking over as the most powerful and effective search tool online. When your prospective clients hear about you from a Friend on Facebook, someone they’re following on Twitter, or a Connection on LinkedIn, that recommendation carries more weight than what an impersonal algorithym spits out on Google. One company tracking their online referrers found that their Facebook page, with fewer than 500 active friends, referred 12 times the number of visitors as Google did over the last year. So if you’re not in the Social Media game yet, it’s time. Stay tuned for next month’s tip when we’ll talk about how an accountant revolutionized his company’s social media strategy.
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