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CG Animated Short Film Trailer HD: "Mila" – Directed by Cinzia Angelini

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CG Animated Short Film Trailer HD: “Mila” – Directed by Cinzia Angelini
Check out this trailer for the short film “Mila” a CG Animated Short film about the collateral damage of war through the eyes of a child.
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Set during World War II, the CG animated short film is a complex and unusual subject for animation. The story is of a little girl named Mila, and is set in 1943, during the bombing of Trento, Italy. It focuses on the collateral damage affecting the civilian population, and especially the children. Based on childhood stories Angelini’s mother and grandmother shared with her, Cinzia says, “the film was inspired by tales of my mother during the War, when she was Mila’s age.”
What or who is Mila?
“Mila” is a CG animated short film, developed using the most modern techniques of digital animation and produced by the largest remote animation crew to date. 250 artists from over 25 countries, all volunteering their time and talent to help make Mila happen.
Our small and courageous protagonist, Mila, carries the face of so many children around the world. Children who are every day the indirect victims of war. She represents the children who survived and the children who were lost.
Sadly, the project has turned out to be a timely condemnation of the violence we currently witness on the world stage today. States and other aggressors wage wars with little consideration for the youngest victims, and with consequences that are far-reaching. We’ve seen massive migrations across continents, spurred on by unspeakable horrors and a desperate search for compassion. History seems to be repeating itself yet again. Rather than turn away or change the channel, we aim to use our talents and through animation to move people, to remind us all of the humanity at stake, and the hope that remains, through the eyes of a child.
But Mila is so much more…
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