CGI 3D 4K Animated Spot: "Asus ROG GX800" – by Moonshine Animation

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CGI 3D 4K Animated Spot: “Asus ROG GX800” – by Moonshine Animation
Enjoy this amazing CGI 3D Animated product spot for the Asus ROG GX800 Liquid-Cooled Gaming Laptop created by the talented team at Moonshine!
The production of “GX800” took MoonShine almost half year to bring the unique characters to live. The work they endeavored included concept design, facial/full body performance capture and key frame animation, also the compositing and intensive color grading that made the images more stylish and impactful.
They believe this GX800 product video is outstanding and unique, as the characters signify the qualities of ROG philosophy. Every release of the new product is going to be a new chapter features one of the ROG values.
Additionally, the plots they are going to set up in the coming stories reflect gaming culture and gags, which they strongly hope the audiences who love games will identify the products and have faith in ROG. Be looking ahead to the ROG series.
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About Moonshine Animation
Moonshine Animation offers high-quality animation, visual effects, and R&D labs to help you bring the vision to life. Their services feature product animation, visual effects, motion design, virtual reality, and pipeline research development.
Robin Lee 李劭謙
Cheng Hui Shan 鄭惠姍
Yeh Chuan Yao 葉傳耀
Project Manager
Yu Chin Ying 余芷穎
Concept & Design
Xion Lee 李忠恕
Kalvin Lee 李文愷
Lin Zheng Rong 林錚溶
Chen Li Yueh 陳麗月
Soh Xin Yu 蘇昕昱
Johnathan Sek 石善衡
Character concept provided by Asus
Motion Capture
Benson Peng 彭偉政
Yeh Chuan Yao 葉傳耀
Jack Lin 林宏賢
Anne An 安良啟
James Chen 陳科廷
CG Artist 
Jack Lin 林宏賢
Chen Yan Bin 陳彥賓
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