CGI 3D Animated Short Film: "F A B L" – by Motion & Co

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CGI 3D Animated Short Film: “F A B L” – by Motion & Co
Enjoy this CGI 3D Animated Short Film – “F A B L” Fictitious Asymmetric-Based Lifeforms by the talented team at Motion & Co.
This short film is meant to be interpreted liberally: a short experiment with an above all professional and hopefully, beautiful appearance. An experience where some will see a story, a meaning, an emotion, or simply a pleasant and ephemeral aesthetic.
Of course, I could describe what I wanted to convey or show, but it would be at the risk of influencing your sensations, and your freedom to see it as you will is the most important thing.
In order to convey to you the story of this project, it is necessary to understand that I absolutely and very conscientiously followed the opposite of what is normally required for the creation of a story: FABL never existed, the story made no sense as it was realized. Initially, there was the wallpaper of a friend who works next to my office. The desire came to me in the form of a small personal challenge to seek to reproduce this visual. After creating a pancake mountain universe, I realized it would be a very good playground to practice following or breaking the rules of composition. Once I had 5 or 6 cameras placed in this scenery, I found it interesting to add life and therefore animation. But without overriding narrative intention it was still only a big empty theater. I then endeavored to rework all the shots to give them an intention, a goal.
From all this chaos, I realized that all the difficulties I was facing in order to bring out the meaning of my film was the consequence of decisions I made upstream. Conversely, it is this causality that is found at the center of FABL. A story with simple actions that result in a series of consequences on their environment.
This chaos has allowed me to move forward and progress because now I have my first film finally over with and now there is nothing left but everything else for me to discover and create.
Music: i’lls fifty-phiphti (with a bit of rework)
Realisation: Etienne LOPEZ
Producer: Motion & Co
Software used: Software used: Cinema4D, X-particles, Octane render, After Effect, Resolve, Premiere Pro
Special thanks to :
– Théophile Rivière (for everything)
– Jocelyne Chauve (for feedback and help on the redaction)
– Steven J. Halasz (for the traduction)
– Marianne Guerrero (for feedback and support)
– Séraphin Henry (for feedback and support)
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