CGI 3D Animated Short: "Gea" – by Primer Frame

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CGI 3D Animated Short: “Gea” – by Primer Frame
Enjoy this unique and amazing CGI 3D animated short film: Gea has been living taking refuge in her magnum opus in an undisturbed dimension for millions of years.Her energy is scarce but his work is the meaning of her existence, with the help of her ancient machines she works quietly in her creation;time means nothing in this place until a ravenous technological being makes his appearance to take it all … then the irreversible destruction of his work and even his own being begins taking place .
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Alberto Corraliza Úbeda
Visual Development, Modeling, Animation, Lighting, Compo
Andrés Martínez Ferrer
Carmen Cones Sánchez
Lighting, Modeling, Compositing
David Serrano Perpiñá
Animation, Modeling
Filiberto Siscar Sendra
Concept art, Texturing, Animation
Jaume Pujol Capllonch
Layout, Production, Edition
Jon Ander Perez Aguirre
Modeling, Lighting, Render Wrangler
Josan Grimaldo Gómez
Lighting, Compositing
José Miguel Aponte Fernandes
Modeling, Lighting, Compositing
Juan Manuel Cervilla Muros
Animation, Modeling, Rigging
Marta García Pardo
Miguel A. Expósito Muñoz
Vfx, Animation, Modeling
Noelia Ruiz Rubio
Animation, Lighting, Modeling
Pablo Badía González
Animation, Modeling
Pedro Baltanás
Modeling, Vfx
Rafael Madrid Palerm
Animation, Modeling, Vfx
Rasheed Ojo Bacharach
Animation, Modeling
Roberto Beltrán González
Animation, Modeling, Lighting
Rosa Miraflores
Vfx, Lighting
Sandra Yago Abenoza
Animation, Modeling
Vicenta Bretones Villa
Vfx, Production, Modeling
Jaime Maestro
Carlos Escutia
Daniel García Tapia
Lighting Supervisor
Joan Alamar
Script / Actions Teacher
Aitor Herrero
Preproduction Teacher
Raul Colomer
VFX, Compo & Props Teacher
Ana Amat
Lighting teacher
Eduardo Oliden
Character Modeling Teacher
Emili Domenech
Ayudante de Production
Sound design & audio fx: JL Demian
Music: Proyecto Demian
Tenor: Enrique Gervasi
Soprano: Chantal Esteve
We are students of 3d who did this short about a goddess living in another realm where she protects her planet. We wanted to take advantage of the tools offered by animation movies to convey a green message but in a different way. We tried to do something really different from what animated shorts use to be, there was a lot of effort in the process a lot of things we wanted to ad to the final version but couldn’t. We had to erase a lot of shots of the movie because of production times, but we are really proud of the final result and the fact that we can share it now on the internet and specially on CGBros. We did not have much help neither very easy conditions to work so we had to work in endless hours of hard work. Special thanks to Daniel Garcia Tapia who helped a lot over ligthing and compositing and JL Demian who made a awesome music and sound design.
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