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CGI 3D Animated Short HD: "Scarlett" – by The Studio

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CGI 3D Animated Short HD: “Scarlett” – by The Studio
Check out this moving 3D animated short called “Scarlett” about the emotional inner struggle of a little girl who has lost a leg to cancer, created by the talented team over at The Studio NYC! For more information, please see the details and links below:
Amputation takes as much of an emotional toll as a physical one – especially for a child. We believe in the power of entertainment media to empower children through storytelling and role models. Visibility in media offers these children hope and a sense of belonging at a critical time where they may feel isolated by their medical condition.
Director: Alison Abitbol
Executive Producer: Mary Nittolo
Producer: Jenna Gabriel
Creative Director: Mary Nittolo
Art Direction:
Alison Abitbol
John Holmes
Juan Mont
Early Concept Development:
Mike Ocasio
John Holmes
Paolo Cogliati
Alison Abitbol
Juan Mont
Animation Red and Blue World:
Juan Mont
Adam Rozanski
Victor DeRespinis
Character Animation and Compositing:
Juan Mont
Hee Jin Kim
Mike Sime
Ozan Basaldi
Jackie Garbuio
Eric Kilanski
Adam Rozanski
Victor DeRespinis
Matte Paintings:
Alison Abitbol
Malcolm Carrott
Mirelle Underwood
Jackie Garbuio
Malcolm Carrott
Adam Rozanski
Character Development:
Alison Abitbol
Mike Ocasio
John Holmes
Adrian Mateescu
Juan Mont
Special Thanks to:
Grace Ramirez
Antonio Navas
Solange Rivero and of course Scarlett
(The lyrics are the only words in the short so this is for closed captioning too)
Abby Diamond, Kyle Patrick
Hold my Breath
Hush my Head
Count my steps
I need this more than ever
Might feel strange
But I’m not afraid
Everyday it gets a little better
Hey, I got a new way
It’s just a give and take
Make mistakes
Keep on hoping
Hoping for the day
I’ll fly high
As long as my heart is open
I know I’ll stay on my toes and
Keep on Going
Keep on Going (X3)
My heart is open
I know I’ll stay on my toes and
Keep on Going
Contact info:
the STUDIO / 12 West 27th Street, 11th Floor / New York, NY 10001 / 212-661-1363 / /
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