CGI 3D Animated Short: "Life of Bri’ n Chris" – Directed by Michael Wakelam

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CGI 3D Animated Short: “Life of Bri’ n Chris” – Directed by Michael Wakelam
Enjoy this funny CGI 3D Animated Short – A tough day for Chris the Australian chameleon goes from bad to worse in this comedy about two lizards. Set in London, lizards Chris and Bri’ share a flat, with Bri’ bringing in an income and Chris hopeful his next acting gig is just around the corner. Rejected once again for his Australian accent, Chris’s ego gets the better of him as he tries to prove a point.
About the film
Life of Bri’ n Chris written and directed by Michael Wakelam and was produced over 4 years in London by a small but dedicated volunteer team.
We were really challenged to create lovable characters in an 8 minute short and set out on this path with no budget and no team. It was remarkable how people joined the project – from Denis Baudin, the first team member other than Wakelam, who volunteered because of his love for the project, to Adelphoi Music Studio, who got on board to provide all the sound and music for the film, the team continued to grow.
The project was almost complete after two years, but stalled due to life’s curveballs before completing in 2016. In the end, it’s a project we’re all extremely proud of.
The original score and credits song for Life of Bri’ n Chris are all produced solely for the purpose of this film so there are no copyright issues.
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Michael Wakelam
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Director Biography
Name: Michael Wakelam
Nationality: Australian/British
DOB: 26/11/1974
Resides: London, UK
An Australian director who lives in London with his wife and two children, Michael began screenwriting in his early twenties, then went on to work in broadcast graphics, branding and motion design. He moved to London in 2008 with his family where he reengaged with storytelling. While working in motion design, Michael decided to cross over into animation in 2012, and began working on an ambitious short film about two lizards.
A spare time ‘love’ project with no budget, ‘Life of Bri’ n Chris’ attracted many talented artists who gave their time to the project.
Wakelam is currently working on treatments and scripts for animated and live action features, as well as developing children’s television series and digital storybooks through his production company, Anthem Studios.
Produced at Anthem Studios London
Michael Wakelam: Writer/Director/voice of Chris
Jonathan Vickers: Voice of Bri’
Denis Baudin: Modelling, Texturing
Ruha Merchant: Rigging
Joao Nobrega: Modelling, Texturing, Effect
David Davis: Animation
Michael Nowacki: Animation
Marque Pierre Sonderguard: Texturing
Bea Ujj: Animation
Olivier Antignac: Animation
Andre Cruz: Environment Modelling
Nicky Brown: Animation
Jacky Cheung: End Credits design
Ian Amaya: FX
Greg Moore: Music and Audio Supervisor
Justin Bryant: Sound Design
Rohan De Livera: Composer
Ashley Bates: Credits Song
Dominic Boucher: Dialogue Recording Engineer
Rich Simpson: Audio Mixing
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Supported by:
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