CGI 3D Animated Short: "Little Big Bang" – by Team LBB

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CGI 3D Animated Short: “Little Big Bang” – by Team LBB
Watch this funny 3D animated short called “Little Big Bang” as a scared young alien crash lands on a desolate and unfamiliar planet, he has to survive the night and overcome its fear, to make a new friend in a most unexpected way. For more information, please see the details and links below:
On an unfamiliar planet, a cute young alien named Polly has to experience their first night alone, having crash landed earlier that day. Hungry and fearful of the newly fallen night, Polly struggles to keep its composure. When a strange creature unexpectedly explodes from the camp fire, Polly finds itself antagonized by the one thing in which it was finding comfort. The young alien has to become the unlikely hero in a story that will force it to confront its own fear, and in the process and make a new friend in the most unexpected of ways.
Little Big Bang was made at the end of 2016 as one of the final projects of Media Design School’s Bachelor of Art and Design. Made in Auckland, New Zealand, the film’s production ran eight weeks including post, and was completed by eight students – as their first attempt at CG film making.
When asked early on what the story was about, Director Jack Niederer would say “it’s a fart joke”, but it was always more than that. We wanted to produce something lighthearted and touching, while also paying respects to the past and present animated films we all loved.
Original score for the film by Darren Lim
Credit List
Written and Directed by: Jack Niederer
Producer: Aaron Wright
CG Artists: Mae Caupit, Christopher Dørum, Jack Niederer, Christopher Yong
Animators: Vũ Trần Anh, Aaron Wright
Compositors: Zoë Glasson, Jessie Liu
Composer: Darren Lim
Voices: Sharmaine Urbiztondo, Amy Fu
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