CGI 3D Animated Short: "Sentier Rouge" – by Alexis Coppee, Pierre Bekec & Yohann Palut

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CGI 3D Animated Short: “Sentier Rouge” – by Alexis Coppee, Pierre Bekec & Yohann Palut
TheCGBros Presents – “Sentier Rouge”
A hedgehog, terrified, flees his territory ravaged by War. He faces the fury of the soldiers until be trapped. But a young recruit appears, more worried about the animal than the battle.
Full Story : A hedgehog, terrified, flees his territory ravaged by War. Facing soldiers, he avoids to be stamped and finishes his running in barbed wires. The hedgehog does not manage to extract himself from barbed wires when a masked soldier appears behind him. To free the hedgehog, he puts himself exposed. He liberates the hedgehog, but, hurt by a sniper, he is ejected in the trench. The hedgehog is at the foot of the soldier. They exchange a look. He comes closer to the wound. Then, he grasps one of his spines. In a threatening appearance, he hammers his needle into the wound. The soldier faints. The soldier regains consciousness and discovers his resewn wound on one hand, and the hedgehog nestled against him on the other hand. A flare explodes suddenly in the sky. Panicked, the soldier rejects the hedgehog. He grabs his weapon and decides to abandon him meanly to save his life. The hedgehog is alone, sad, frightened. A murderous gas approaches and gobbles up the hedgehog.
Intentions : This project came with the idea of showing the cruaulty of war, and its impact on animals, who we often forget. Our story shows that mankind can be very destructive and careless about others during war. This short-film can be classified as historical-drama since one out of our two main characters dies. The hedgehog is a small animal, weak and resourceful. He suffers man’s war.ends up powerless in front of them. And the story reflects reality. A soldier is a young man, tall and thin. He is a scary character behind his mask. But once the mask off, war catches him up, and we discover a weak man and a coward. It represents the mankind on both sides. In this short film, we will be seeing two different techniques. First, 3D use for the characters and main setting, and matte paintings for backgrounds. The global aspect will be close to actual painting and cartoon with quite contrasting tones. So the atmosphere is dark, with a red sky and other colors to bring out the horror of the war and dive the viewer into a tragic atmosphere. Most of the shots are either from the hedgehog point of view, meaning the camera would be at the ground’s level, or from the soldier’s point of view, to get loose movements. There are also wide shots like zenith angle. There are camera travelings to galvanize the shots. The sequences are separated by black fades to slow down and decompose the rhythm of the short film. The soundtrack will mainly by composed by war sounds effects, to make the atmosphere even more real, and also with sad and dynamic music. During the scenes between the hedgehog and the soldier, the sound ambiance is more calm, almost silent.
Team (directors) :
Details :
Genre : Animation, War, Drama. Country : France Original Title : SENTIER ROUGE Year of production : 2017 Production : ESRA SUPINFOGRAPH Soundtrack by : Martin Caron Color Time : 05:09
Screenwriters : Alexis Coppee, Coline Carpentier Technical directors : Alexis Coppee, Pierre Bekec Story-Boardeurs : Alexis Coppee, Coline Carpentier Modeling : Alexis Coppee, Coline Carpentier, Emilie Ben N’sir, Pierre Bekec, Thomas Moutet Wendy Bouchaud, Yohann Palut Texturing : Alexis Coppee, Coline Carpentier Rigging, Set Up and Animation : Alexis Coppee, Pierre Bekec, Yohann Palut Editing : Alexis Coppee, Pierre Bekec, Yohann Palut Sound designer : Thomas Imbert
Original Soundtrack : –
Track 1 : ESCAPE (40 seconde) –
Track 2 : FREEDOM (15 secondes) –
Track 3 : RESCUE (40 secondes) –
Track 4 : TEAR (52 secondes) –
Track 5 : END TITLE (1 minute 28 secondes)
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