CGi 3D Animated Short Spot: "Boing Loops" – by Lumbre

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CGi 3D Animated Short Spot: “Boing Loops” – by Lumbre
Check out this cool set of “Boing Loops” created for the recent expansion of rebranding, and they introduced the new as loops that can be utilized all over the campaign. Unbeleivably, all the animation of these dances was hand animated by the talented folks over at Lubre! For more information, please see the details and links below:
LUMBRE is an animation and design studio based in Buenos Aires
Follow them on and
You can see the original project here:
Client: Boing – Turner Broadcasting System
Brand Communication and Creative Director: Marcio Cortez Meléndez
Senior Art Director: Filippo Giacomelli
Senior Presentation & Production Manager: Fabio Boninu
Creative Director: Sergio Saleh
Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo
Account Manager: Jeff Keisel
Art Director Lumbre: Adriana Campos
Producer: Fátima Requena
Director: Federico Dams (Charlie Studio)
Art Director: Federico Dams
Character Design: Federico Dams, Rodolfo Melián, Andy Cambiasso, Darío Becher
Storyboards: Rodolfo Melián (Charlie Studio)
CG Supervisor: Hernán Caratolli, Martín Mangiafave
Modeling/Texturing: Hernán Caratolli, Martín Mangiafave
Rigging: Hernán Caratolli, Martín Mangiafave
3D Character Animation: Hernán Caratolli, Martín Mangiafave
Lighting: Hernán Caratolli, Martín Mangiafave
Compositing: Federico Dams, Rodolfo Melián
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