CGI 3D Animated Short: "Stickmou" – by Team Stickmou

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CGI 3D Animated Short: “Stickmou” – by Team Stickmou
Check out this 3D animated short called “Stickmou” that explains the brief but exciting life of mosquitos in the Camargue, in South of France. For more information, please see the details and links below.
We worked with the reserve of Camargue, who gives us all the necessary information. This film was made in one month, at our school MOPA, where we’re ending our second year of study.
I (Jean-Baptiste Escary) make the scenario, storyboard, editing and the sound design. With Lucie Roche I write the text, and with Etienne Fagnère I do texturing, lighting and compositing.
Etienne Fagnère also makes concept art and color script.
Lucie Roche animates the larvae, the nymph, the credits, plants and all rotations of the tray in the second shot. And she does the 3D modeling with Johan Cayrol and Florian De Chelle.
Johan Cayrol makes the rig of mosquitos, animates almost all mosquitos except in credits, and flowers.
Florian De Chelle animates the love shot where two mosquitos are rotating, and the shot where the egg is falling into the water. He also makes some of the concept art.
Etienne Fagnère :
Florian de Chelle :
Jean-Baptiste Escary :

The song used in this movie is called “Daddy”, composed by Amir Aly et Henrik Wikstrom, of the label Match and broadcast by Primetime Productions Ltd.
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