CGI 3D Animated Short: "The Life Of Geoff" – by Alberto Marcis & Hannah Bahyan

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CGI 3D Animated Short: “The Life Of Geoff” – by Alberto Marcis & Hannah Bahyan
TheCGBros Presents – “The Life Of Geoff” – “A documentary following the life of a grumpy hamster, who goes by the name of Geoff. His owner, 10 years old Emily, loves him to pieces and thinks he’s the prettiest princess around because she is unaware he is a boy. He disagrees.”
Alberto Marcis
Hannah Bahyan
3rd Year Final Film Project made at University of Hertfordshire by Alberto Marcis and Hannah Bahyan.
Winner of “Best 3D Animation Short Film 2017” at University of Hertfordshire Animation Exposè.


Voice Acting – Tom Dowler
Student freelancers helping us are: Joshua Cann (Groom Artist), Harry Smith (Animator), Siti Aisyah Sulaiman (Animator), Chris Dunham (Fx), Adam L.Wood (Sound), Nathan Wilkes (Opening Title Anim).
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