CGI 3D Animated Trailers: ‘World of Tanks’. ‘War Stories’ – by RealtimeUK

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CGI 3D Animated Trailers: ‘World of Tanks’. ‘War Stories’ – by RealtimeUK
Check out one of the latest CGI 3D Animated Trailers: from ‘World of Tanks’. ‘War Stories’ created by the talented team at RealtimeUK – The latest update to one of Gaming’s biggest titles. Featuring a brand new narrative-driven mode, ‘War Stories’ is tailor-made for console and can be played solo or co-op. It heralds a wave of forthcoming free campaign missions from the World of Tanks developers. The trailer features three vignettes detailing fictional alternate history battles set in London, Berlin, and Cuba.

Watch the CGI Breakdown Here:
WAR STORIES (2017) Animation, Action, Adventure, War, Video Game Produced by RealtimeUK ( )




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