CGI 3D Breakdown HD: "Entire" – by Alex Thorn & Jordan Browne

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CGI 3D Breakdown HD: “Entire” – by Alex Thorn & Jordan Browne
Check out this insightful shot breakdown for the the animated CG environment shot sequence for the short “Entire” created by the talented Alex Thorn and Jordan Browne! For more information, please see the details and links below:
This short film was made for their 2nd year major project at University of Hertfordshire. They started with a concept image and then went into modeling and texturing.. The modeling and textures had to hold up even very closeup so everything was done to great detail and resolution.
The modeling was all done in Maya, no Zbrush was used, detail was modeled and sculpted directly in Maya and extra detail was added by texture displacement maps. All texturing was done in Mari, Photoshop was also used to prepare textures. Rendering was all Arnold using ALsurface Shader exclusively. Compositing was done in Nuke.
Alex Thorn: Texturing, Lighting, Look-Dev, Compositing, Cinematography
Jordan Browne: Modeling, Additional Textures
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