CGI 3D & VFX Tutorials: “DESTRUCTION in SLOW MOTION” – by cebas

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CGI 3D & VFX Tutorials: “DESTRUCTION in SLOW MOTION” – by cebas
Check out another insightful tutorial by FX TD | Dynamics Specialist Will Wallace and courtesy of cebas visual technology! Learn how to destroy objects in slow motion using Thinking Particles inside 3ds Max. Use hi speed animation within a robust and strong FX build. Will goes in-depth on how to organize and manage a clean and organized destruction FX setup. Download the layout assets here:

Download an unlimited free trial at Or get in with the thinkingParticles educational license, (not watermarked, only for training purposes). The TP edu version includes all latest, powerful features tP 6.6

Follow as well Will Wallace on Vimeo ( ) and cebas so you don’t ever miss a great tutorial.

While @, take some time and browse through the many information: the Insights Interviews tab carries a lot of depth (if you wish to endure in the VFX industry); you can create a free registration and avail to the Training Resource tab. Quick visuals/videos in cebas Gallery of FX artist and Visual Artists’ works. Don’t forget the FAQ and Forums.

Since then, thinkingParticles 6 has released our Drop 6 (Feb 2018) and with the all-new feature, ALL PURPOSE FIELDS, FX players can do even more volumetric particles in motion with greater ease!

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