CGI 3D/VFX Breakdown HD: "Making Of – Farcry: Primal" – by Mikros Image

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CGI 3D/VFX Breakdown HD: “Making Of – Farcry: Primal” – by Mikros Image
Check out this revealing behind the scenes breakdown for the latest popular Farcry game from Ubisoft called “Primal”! For more information, please see the details and links below:
Check them out here:
Mikros Image is a High-end visuals effects, animation, photo-realistic CG production studio and provides all services in the CG and post-production arenas.
Agency: BETC
Production house : WANDA
Director : Ivan GRBOVIC
Editor : Walter Mauriot
Head of productions : Fabrice Damolini
Head of VFX Studio : Benoît Holl
VFX Supervisor : Alain Boutillier
VFX Producer : Christophe Huchet
On set supervisors : Alain Boutillier, Laurent Creusot
FX: Benjamin Lenfant, David Roubah, Luc Martias
Lighting/Rendu: Guillaume Parra
Compositing: Gérôme Viavant, Amanda Champarnaud, Marielle Santens
Matte Painting: Thomas Mouraille
Modeling: Thomas Haas, Aurélien Fuentes
Textures: Mickaël Girod
Tracking: Pierre Jury, Clément Morge
Animation: Augustin Paliard
Set-up: Pascal Chaplais
TD : Caroline Beyne
Flame: Flore Mounier, Stéphane Pivron, Laurent Creusot
Motion graphic: Maxime Cordier, Dany Lacarelle
TD Hair: Lauren Agopian
Color Grading: Sébastien Mingam, Didier Le Fouest
Coordination VFX: Nicolas Huguet
Datalab: Nicolas Daniel, Jean-Martin Mossu, Léa Latassa, Pauline Royo
Making-Of : Léa Latassa
Musique : Alone In The Wild – Ben Howells & Oliver Spink (MYMA)
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