CGI 3D/VFX Trailer HD: "Assasin's Creed – Identity" – by Axis Animation

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CGI 3D/VFX Trailer HD: “Assasin’s Creed – Identity” – by Axis Animation
Check out this cool integration of CG and live action in the new trailer for “Assasin’s Creed – Identity” game, created by the talented folks over at Axis Animation!. For more information, please see the details and links below:
You can follow Axis on Twitter and catch up on the behind the scenes vibe of Axis on Flickr
You can also check out their little sister – Flaunt
Flaunt brings out our softer side and mixes up styles too, you’ll find the Flaunt directors using pens, pencils, photography, live action, flash, 3d and stop motion.
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