CGI Animated Breakdowns HD: “Dip N’ Dance – Making of” by Hugo Cierzniak


Check out this insightful CGI breakdown for the hilariously creative and ‘Award-Winning’ CGI short film “Dip N’ Dance”, by the very talented Hugo Cierzniak! Dip N’ Dance is an independant short film directed by Hugo Cierzniak and produced at Delapost Paris. The story is about a forty-year old middle-class who loves his domotics to toe the line. He will figure out, in a musical way, that things you own end up owning you.

This project did not receive any financial help except from all the generous donators through Touscoprod and Delapost Paris. A huge and eternal thank to them and to all the friends and professionnals from the industry who contributed complimentary to Dip N’ Dance.

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