CGI Animated Film **KICKSTARTER** "The Mechanical Dancer" – by ThunderCrab Studios

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CGI Animated Film **KICKSTARTER** “The Mechanical Dancer” – by ThunderCrab Studios
Based on the German expressionism movement of the 1920’s. So many films that were thought to be lost after WWII are now being rediscovered and restored for everyone to see. Our team at ThunderCrab Studios is working with the 3D animation tools of today to tell our own original story set in this style. Go HERE support this film:
A live project between now and November 16th, 2016!
See more about the film now at

This trailer features music from Eddie Vedder’s cover of “Dream a Little Dream” – hear it in full on his album Ukulele Songs, released by Monkeywrench Records in 2011. Original lyrics & music by G. Kahn, F. Andre and W. Schwandt
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