CGI Animated Teasers HD: "Invasive Species" – by Sacha Austin

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CGI Animated Teasers HD: “Invasive Species” – by Sacha Austin
Check out this intriguing teaser trailer “Invasive Species” by the talented Sacha Austin. After surviving for eons in the vast stellar vacuum. Now it has found a new home!! The crew of the International Space Station make an emergency landing after the planet has been overrun by an alien species. As the only conscious humans left, an astronaut and cosmonaut must find the system’s weakness… The teaser is for a film that will be crowd funded in the spring, so stay tuned! For more information, please see the details and links below:
Photogrammetry scans for the faces of the characters were used and then modeled and rigged them for animation. Everything was modeled and textured in 3ds max and Mudbox from NASA and ESA references, & rendered with Nvidia’s iRay.
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