CGI **Award Winning** Animated Short Film: "The Breath Of Spring" – by Ludivine Blazi

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CGI **Award Winning** Animated Short Film: “The Breath Of Spring” – by Ludivine Blazi
Watch this charming animated short called “The Breath Of Spring”, a short story about the impossible love between two foxes, one on earth and the other one in the clouds! Created by the talented Ludivine Blazi. For more information, please see the details and links below:
The Breath Of Spring
This film was made during the past year while at EMCA, a French animation school based in Angoulême. CGI was used for the background forest and the main character, and 2D animation for the sky and cloudy fox.
Director : Ludivine BLAZI
Music : Pierre Feyfant
Soundesign and mix : Renaud Denis
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