CGI & VFX Interviews: "Andrew Furlong" by Cebas Visual Technology

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CGI & VFX Interviews: “Andrew Furlong” by Cebas Visual Technology
Check out this insightful interview with FX Artist Andrew Furlong in which he discusses his combining ThinkingParticles and Houdini to create FX. Interview conducted by Edwin Braun CEO at Cebas Visual Technology.
“Did you know Andrew Furlong makes VFX magic integrating sims with TP to Houdini? Surprised?
Yes, they do work together if you are highly skilled.”
In this interview, Andrew Furlong who started a very successful career in television and film visual effects, talked about his times from photography school, to rotoscope and finally, how he made a break into the VFX industry.
Andrew also gave many juicy bits on the visual effects that he has done in the past and present, including major works with EncoreVFX, and more: the Pacific Rim 2, Black Lightning teaser, whatever he can disclose at this point of time.
As well as how he got into the 3dsMax pipeline, what he thinks of it. Andrew also talked with Edwin about the powerful effects he gets to do with thinkingParticles.
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