CGI & VFX Q&A: “Augusto Lombardi: Have Your Say – VFX Series” – Cebas Visual Technology

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CGI & VFX Q&A: “Augusto Lombardi: Have Your Say – VFX Series” – Cebas Visual Technology
Welcome to another installment of the cebas sponsored VFX Series featuring some of our favorite FX people in the industry. In this video, VFX Artist Augusto Lombardi gives us his candid comments on two specific questions.

Augusto Lombardi known for his work on I, Frankenstein (2014), Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) and Planet 51 (2009), gives his views on two questions on visual effects :

1) What was the best FX scene (and from which movie) that you have seen in 2017, and why do you rate it highly?
2) What do you feel in your view, are some developments in visual effects for movies that are much needed
which will increase the creativity and productivity for FX artists?
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