CGI & VFX Short Films: "Reflection" – by The Relection Team

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CGI & VFX Short Films: “Reflection” – by The Relection Team
Check out this thought provoking 5th semester VFX Short…This film visually illustrates the gruesome exploitation “Blood Diamonds” by symbolically referring with its characters to the Western World and Africa.”
A 5th semester VFX Short by Richard Frangenberg, Manuel Köster, Yasmin Mushtaha, Roman Bergen
“The Western World is guilty of exploiting the African population day by day. One cruel paradigm of this exploitation is the highly sensitive issue of “Blood Diamonds”; diamonds mined in Africa which financially support acts of violence and war.
Thanks to everyone who contributed:
Richard Frangenberg
Manuel Köster
Yasmin Mushtaha
Roman Bergen
Misha Lohrmann
Julia Weigel
Marc Tressel Schmitz
Matthias Kreter
Nicolas Kronauer
Sebastian Schade
Fenia Garbe
Daniel Eißler
Tom Putsch
Prof. Carla Heinzel
Prof. Tilmann Kohlhaase
Mark Spindler
Niklas Schmidt
Florian Friedmann
Henning Ax
Martin Streit
Created as a 5th semester film at Hochschule Darmstadt h_da (
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