CGI & VFX Showreels: “Creature FX TD Showreel 2018” – by Gianluca Siciliano

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CGI & VFX Showreels: “Creature FX TD Showreel 2018” – by Gianluca Siciliano
Take a look at this inspiring Creature FX TD Showreel from the talented Gianluca Siciliano! This is his personal showreel of the work he’s done on Thor: Ragnarok at Framestore London as a CFX TD artist. For more information, please see the details and links below:

Gianluca says – I mostly worked on Hulk and Mega Surtur.
I took care of muscles sims and shot sculpt, especially in the key revealing scene on the bridge.
Besise that I also worked on a couple of balcony and bridge shots, simming cloth for Thor, Hela, Valkiry and the D-Guards.
At the very end of the project, I had to take care of all the aspects of Fenris, from muscle sim, mesh finalling and fur sim, in the execution sequence.

Animators brought Hulk to life through classical keyframe animation. For Hulk’s facial performance, we used the blend shapes supplied from past films, enhanced by dynamic ncloth simulations.
We as CFX actually redesigned our shot-sculpt pipeline in order to have maximum control and to be able to be very reactive to the client feedback.
The team modelled, groomed and shaded a very high-res version of Chris Hemsworth that could work both close-up and far away;
as CFX we worked on a muscle rig especially for the arms, and a rig for cape and costume.
The team also created a high-res digi double for Cate Blanchett’s Hela, the Goddess of Death,
who wore a mocap suit; this had to replaced with a digital version of her costume and a CG headdress.

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