CGI & VFX Showreels: Lighting/Shading/Compositing" – by Pablo Conca Bosch

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CGI & VFX Showreels: Lighting/Shading/Compositing” – by Pablo Conca Bosch
Excellent and inspiring Reel 2016 of the magnificent artist Pablo Conca Bosch in lighting, shading and composition.
Pablo has starred in films such as Capture the Flag, Animal Crackers among other short films and projects, to learn more about Pablo Conca Bosch visit:…
Reel Breakdown:
– Capture the Flag: Lighting & PreComp
– Animal Crackers Film: Lighting, Shading & Compositing.
– Pet Robots Teaser: Shading almost all props and characters & Solving Rendering Problems.
– Animal Crackers Teaser: Lightng, Compositing and Hair&Fur optimization.
– Orbitas Short Film: Modelling, Basic Rigs (Ships&props), UV´s, VFX, Compositing and of course Shading & Lighting! 😉
– Own Projects: Lighting, Shading, Modelling some props other from libraries,Compositing…etc
Song Featured by Henry Mancinni from Hatari film Soundtrack (1962)
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