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TheCGBros had the opportunity to take a look at the recently released software product called HitFilm 3 Pro. It is designed for filmmakers at all levels of post-production and touts itself as a high-quality post-production powerhouse of tools that combine 3D compositing & 3D object rendering, along with an industry leading particle simulator and fully advanced toolkit for professional level color correction and grading.

It also includes over 180 fully customizable visual effects, plus 130 plugins you can use in Sony Vegas, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X and Motion. We found it hard to believe that all of this could fit into a single product, and for less than $299/£229, so the Bros just had to take it for a spin!

Installation was straight-forward and we eagerly launched into the toolset, finding the newly redesigned interface to be pleasantly intuitive and much easier to navigate. We were looking forward to checking out the new features including the 3D textures for particles, auto-tracking masks, OpenFX support, 3D fractal particle shapes, 3D camera projection and professional de-noising. 



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